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A WISHLIST is extremly handy to keep track of the items you like!


Does it happen that you’re browsing a website, you’ve seen amazing items you are interested in, but you forgot about some of them or you can’t find them anymore?!

That’s why we installed an ADD TO WISHLIST BUTTON on every product listing photo and every product page.  Click the button with the heart and the item you are interested in will be added to your personal wishlist. Once you’re done checking out our items you click on “WISHLIST” or the “heart symbol” in the menu and you will find there the list of your favourite items!


TO SHARE YOUR LIST with us to ask questions about several items at once, or to send it to your friend, business partner or client, just do the following:

Option A: CLIPBOARD:  to share with us or with someone else: click on the “copy to clipboard button”. Then you paste in an email, whatsapp, …  and a unique url of your personal wishlist will pop up which you can send. 

Option B: WHATSAPP: to share with someone else: click on the “share via Whatsapp button” just underneath your list and choose a contact.

Tip! If you want to send it to Retro Station via Whatsapp, then click first on the clipboard button, then click on the green Whatsapp button at the bottom of your screen and paste the url.

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